Other Icopal Sustainable Roofing Solutions


Through Icopal’s highly innovative approach, BiELSo-produced bitumen can also be used to generate even more environmental benefits. For example, by combining Icopal’s ICOSUN® roofing products – which contain PV cells - with BiELSo, architects can create bitumen roofs capable of generating electricity from solar energy. BiELSo can also be used with products from Icopal’s Eco-Activ®  roofing range, such as Noxite® which helps reduce air pollution by breaking down and removing harmful NOx from the atmosphere.

Energy Saving Products

ICOSUN Console -PV Mounting System - specially developed for installing solar panels on flat roofs (maximum 35% slope). This innovative mounting system is applicable to virtually any surface with a top layer of bitumen, POCB or PVC or TPO roofing. Read more 

Pollution Absorbing Products

Noxite ® - is great news for all who wish to contribute to a cleaner more sustainable environment. The patented Noxite ® roofing products can reduce the harmful nitrogen oxides, which include gasoline production and daily discharge in increasing quantities. Read more about Noxite at Icopal's Noxite website


Green Roofs For A Greener More Sustainable Future

A green roof is created when a planting scheme is established on a roof structure. The roof could be located anywhere, such as at ground level, usually with an underground car park beneath, or a residential or commercial roof many storeys high. Typically this would be used to create extensive or intensive roof gardens.

Green roofing addresses sustainable construction needs by assisting in controlling the drainage of excessive rainfall in urban environments, reducing the risk of flooding and in addition to creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment green roofs reduce energy usage within buildings and absorb airbourne pollution.

IcoFlor - Icopal green roof system for extensive green roofs. Read more 

Duurzaamheid en milieu

Sustainable Pitched Tile Roof Solutions

Decra lightweight roof tiles provide an attractive and economic finish for all types of roof down to 12° pitch. The system comprises of coated, zinc aluminium galvanised steel tile panels with the appearance of traditional clay or concrete roofing tiles.

The Decra lightweight roofing system is environmentally friendly, has a high recycled content and can be easily recycled.
Decra is one-seventh the weight of concrete roof tiles, enabling significant reductions to be made in the building envelope, from the roof structure right down to the building’s foundation level, saving money and addressing sustainable construction needs. Read more 

Decra Classic Tile the ideal roofing solution for roof pitches from 12 degrees upwards








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