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100% Recyling

BiELSo – Bitumen Endless Solutions – is a process created by Icopal to recycle existing bitumen roof coverings and turn them into premium quality bitumen suitable for new applications, including new roofs.

Icopal’s BiELSo plant is the only one of its kind in the world capable of recycling bitumen in this way, allowing bitumen to be reused, again and again, greatly improving the sustainability of any project using BiELSo roofing products.

Bitumen is used across the construction industry -in roads, as a landfill liner, for waterproofing and anti-corrosion, and especially for roofing. Its popularity results from its ease of use combined with excellent protective properties, resulting in waterproof roofs capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions for up to 40 years or more. Although new bitumen use is now threatened by growing pressure on oil resources, Icopal’s BiELSo process will enable roofing contractors and builders to continue using bitumen for many years to come.

The BiELSo Process – Addressing Sustainable Construction Needs

The principle behind BiELSo is simple. When a roof needs replacing, the bitumen covering is sampled and analysed , then removed and separated from other roofing materials, such as insulation. The bitumen (including finishing and reinforcement used) is fed through a specialised shredder to create the base material for the BiELSo plant. This shredded roof covering is heated, solid materials are removed, and the result is a high quality, raw recycled bitumen product ready for re-use.

Step 1: Roof Dismantling

In this phase the roof is sampled and has to be approved for the BiELSo process. Tar, asbestos etc. are rejected. The old roofing felts are dismantled from the roof.  The  larger stones, plastic, metal parts etc. are removed.


Step 2: Transport

After dismantling & inspection, the old roofing felts are collected, stored and transported to the recycling factory.


Step 3: Recycling

In this phase, the roofing felts are shredded and recycled into a resource for new roofing felts. It’s important to slice the felts into the right size,  recycle at the right temperature and to adapt the process to different kinds of bitumen.

Step 4: Production of new BiELSo roofing felts

This resource is then used to actually produce new roofing felts by mixing it with virgin bitumen and using this mix in the regular production process.


Step 5: Application of BiELSo roofing felts

After production of the new BiELSo roofing felts these are used to create a new protection layer on roofs. Combined with other products of Icopal (like Eco-Activ / Noxite) it can even act as energy supplier and clean the air
























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    Other Icopal Sustainable Products

    Through Icopal’s highly innovative approach, BiELSo-produced bitumen can also be used to generate even more environmental benefits, through the development of a unique range of other sustainable construction products.
    Eco-innovation: all innovations, which can benefit the environment.
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