A Durable Roofing Solution Meeting Our Sustainable Construction Objectives

Benefits of BiELSo

Helping meet CO2 emissions targets

As buildings generate significant CO2, an annual reduction of CO2 emissions is now a target for many building owners – and BiELSo can make a real contribution to achieving this goal.

Certified CO2 savings
Icopal provides all BiELSo users with a certificate stating the precise CO2 savings achieved when a BiELSo roofing product is used, or when a bitumen roof is dismantled using the BiELSo process.

Sustainable procurement
BiELSo products allow building developers, owners, local authorities and governments to procure a sustainable roofing solution, one which recycles old roofs and uses the resulting bitumen to create new roofs.

A sustainable construction building block
For architects employing highly sustainable construction methodologies, BiELSo provides a recycled roofing product, and one which also does not compromise design freedom.

Highly durable
Not only are BiELSo roofing products highly durable, but the virtually endless recycling offered by the BiELSo process results in a roof with an almost infinite lifetime.

Bitumen is a highly valued and much used roofing material, but as an oil-based, non-renewable product, bitumen is now no longer sustainable. In response to this growing need to produce more sustainable construction materials, Icopal has developed the revolutionary BiELSo process which allows virtually endless recycling of bitumen for new applications, resulting in a highly sustainable, high quality roofing products which retains all the benefits of the original bitumen.

The Situation As It Stands

In North-West Europe alone, 500 ktonnes of bituminous waste per year ends as landfill or in cement ovens – old roofing felts make up a significant proportion of this. Eco - roofing (Ecorec®), made up of recycled and virgin bitumen, can reduce the EU’s dependency on fossil oil and resulting CO2 emissions

The Sustainable Construction Objectives of The Project

The project aims to contribute towards a more sustainable construction environment by establishing at least one bitumen recycling factory in Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom. By surveying the market, demonstrating the results and publicising benefits, the project also seeks to increase take-up. Market conditions including more expensive raw materials combined with an increasing availability of recyclable bitumen, are in the project’s favour.
Should the product take-off, there will be real environmental benefits: the reduction in CO2 emissions of 1 square meter of Icopal’s Eco – Roofing equals the CO2 emissions of a car, driving 1 kilometre. Economic benefits will also arise from the employment generated by the plant.

The BiELSo process

The principle behind BiELSo – Bitumen Endless Solutions – is simple. When a roof needs replacing, the bitumen covering is removed and separated from other roofing materials, such as insulation. After analysis, the bitumen (including any reinforcement used) is fed through a specialised shredder to create the base material for the BiELSo plant. This shredded roof covering is heated, non-bitumen materials are removed, and the result is a high quality, raw bitumen product ready for re-use.
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Sustainable Construction Roofing Solutions For A Greener Future

The recycling process already delivers significant sustainable construction benefits by reducing the amount of new bitumen required by the construction industry. But the BiELSo process also provides other significant environmental gains. As well as protecting non-renewable oil reserves, the energy required for oil extraction and processing is also significantly reduced, as is the energy required to transport bitumen worldwide. Recycling also means that old roof coverings no longer add to landfill sites, further reducing the CO2 emissions generated throughout the bitumen supply chain.
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Added environmental benefits

Through Icopal’s highly innovative approach to meeting the needs of a more sustainable construction industry, BiELSo-produced bitumen can also be used to generate even more environmental benefits. For example, by combining Icopal’s ICOSUN® roofing products – which contain PV cells -with BiELSo, architects can create bitumen roofs capable of generating electricity from solar energy. BiELSo can also be used with roofing products from Icopal’s Eco-Activ® range, such as Noxite® which helps reduce air pollution by breaking down and removing NOx from the atmosphere. 
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    Through Icopal’s highly innovative approach, BiELSo-produced bitumen can also be used to generate even more environmental benefits, through the development of a unique range of other sustainable construction products.
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